Here at team iLE we have been talking about the importance of the office space, how we will all be moving forward from the pandemic, which has seen many of us working from home. High on our topic was an enthusiasm to explore how to bring the comfort of your home environment back with you into the office space.  
Let's review comfort, the obvious go to is something to sit on, however there are many comforts that can enhance the performance and the environment you work in.  
Offices and agile spaces such as coffee shops can be demanding environments, especially in a busy and enterprising office. Output it key, vital for the performance of the business you invest so much energy into, so the distractions that can be removed or certainly reduced by intelligent and sympathetic design at times are positively beyond measure. 
Soft furnishings will bring the cosiness of those home comforts into the office environment, rugs, loose cushions, banquet seating, at iLE we broadly provide these solutions in the use of curtains. They are not only used to block or diffuse light, they add depth, warmth and luxury to your interior. Also becoming ever more popular as room dividers or privacy shields. Increasing popularity is encouraging enhanced designs, placing more variety and emphasis on the vast array of available colours and textures.  
Textured textiles adds depth into the design of a room and adds warmth which feels cosier like a home environment. The wave curtain heading is our favourite, it is elegant and stacks away nicely if the room needs to be opened up again.  
Adding plants to an office has been considered to be dated, however when done right, this is totally contemporary and again bringing that home environment into the working space. On a wider scale Biophillic design continues to evolve, as does the adaption of other interior finishes, we have plant based recycled blind fabrics, textiles for blinds and curtains that represent the organic palette of nature, natural earthy colours within the office adds that warmth and a sense of connectivity to the outdoors. Adding elements of nature to your design and environment improves work productivity, creativity, mindfulness and morale.  
Open plan space offices, like open space living environments are desired more and more, breaking down walls, boundaries even... a much more open and collaborative space, domestically this approach allows better interaction, areas to gather and entertain. These designs however still need to have structure in order to work, flexible design, dividing the area into working sections. For example, a quiet zone where you need to get your head down and have no distractions, a zone for louder and more immersive interactive group discussion and a social area for the much-needed breaks.  
These zones can be created for function, but quickly and easily returned to the open format. 
Curtains - functional, acoustically enhance, decorative, soft, elegant... need help? we are here whether its for specification or implementation.  
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